Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nest Center Pieces

This years logo and theme for MOPS is beautiful and inspiring.
Our Co-Coordinator and I first started talking about eggs and
birds nest in April though our complete idea was not quite there.  
Mommy alone time is VERY rare
for me, especially in a craft store.  
If I am alone it means I'm on a mommy mission,
groceries or other toddler supplies for the house.
But I finally had that rare moment and went to a
local craft store to let my mind wonder and hopefully
find some inspiration for our MOPS center pieces.
I had an idea of what I was looking for in terms
of supplies and inspiration struck pretty quickly
once I saw what was available..  
Soon I had text messages going back
and forth with our co-coordinator and we had a plan.
I painted the rims of terracotta pots in the colors of our groups.
I pour plaster into each one to keep the branches up and give
our pots weight as we didn't want them to tip over easily.  
Later in the week a few of our Steering Team
Members came over to help me assemble them.
We lined the inside of the pots with moss and greenery.
We pleated burlap on the outside each
planter and embellished with ribbon.
We added eggs and birds to the nests in colors to match the
pot rims and arranged and glued them on to branches.

We are so pleased with the final centerpieces and
can't wait for our MOPS group to see them in August.
Happy Crafting!
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