Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost Done ...

Unpacking of course.

It's been a long couple weeks and I've been
working towards having the house in somewhat
order before I start crafting again.

And believe it or not I'm almost done!!

My craft area should be in
order by the end of the evening.
Even Bigger Yay!
I've so behind right now but
hope to catch up by Monday.

If you haven't please check out
Juju Bee's November Kit.
It's seriously packed with goodies and
wow it's so pretty!!
I'll be posting more projects with it soon.

Just a few Updates:
Craftastic Challenge #8 will
be ending tomorrow evening.

I'm still looking for more ideas for
tutorials so please check out this post
for more information: Tutorial Suggestions.

If you are in the area I'd like to
share with you a new feature on the left side bar.
It's a schedule of events that I'm in.
I'd love to see you all at the events :).

I'll have pictures of house up sometime this week.
I hope you are all are doing well and happy crafting!
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