Saturday, November 21, 2009

To Infinity & Beyond...

Have you ever had something as a
child and though you're grown up you
just can't seem to part with it?

Today this is my story.
Justin is doing a garage sale and as I
a moved through the boxes unpacking I was
sure selling Buzz Lightyear was ok.

And believe me, it was until I went out to
give Justin his wonderful PG Tips (Hot Tea)
and found Buzz in a box grrring like Zoey,
which sounds like a car that needs a new
starter by the way.

I left him thinking he'll stop eventually right.

Went out again and still he's humming/grrring.

Justin tried to fix him, and
couldn't get the screws out.
I tried it and TADA! Popped the Batteries out
and re-inserted them and he works again,
"Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue."

I went to give him to Justin and just as I was
handing him to Justin I pulled back.
No way could I give up something so special.

Yes it's just a toy, but the Christmas I
got him was a Christmas I'll never forget.
My grandfather passed away just before Christmas
and Dad was overseas and needed to fly home.
And Mom, Joe and I had need
to drive to our home town.
Money was tight so the day before Christmas so,
mom had us open our presents and return the
presents we didn't really want or need.
Joe and I we both old enough by this point
so the magic of Santa wasn't required.
I had been all about getting Buzz and a Jewelry Box.

And those are two of the items I kept.
I still have the Jewelry box, though I have
too much jewelry to put into it now :).

We spent Christmas Day on the road driving
the 8 hours back to our home town.
We had Christmas Dinner at a Gas Station.
Joe and I still laugh about that.

Buzz was a bright spot that Christmas
and I don't think I can give that up just yet.
So here he is, melted hand and all.
I'll get a shelf to place him on soon.
Then he'll have a special place in my scrappin area.

Buzz will always have a place in my heart :).
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