Thursday, November 19, 2009

CD Ornament Class

So as you see on the left side bar
I'll be giving a class this Saturday!


My brother has volunteered his time
to assist me with class.
Yay for Joe!

Before I go on about the class
I just have to say how proud I am to
have such an awesome brother!

Joe (Joseph) will be leaving soon
for Boot Camp. He's going into the
Navy and is going to be a Medic.
I'm sad to see him leave home
but so proud of him and his decision.
Joe and I have our spats
what brother and sister don't?
But no matter what we stay pretty close.
We've had some fun times :).
I'll share with you my favorite.

Joe helped out with the house while we
moved in and one one of our trips to the
store we brought home Nerf Guns.
They were meant just for the boys, but
while Justin was busy Joe and I played.
I pegged him!
And boy was it good!
It was around the wall shot.
He missed me but I pegged him.
Perfectly on the Glasses!
And the Nerf darts had the
suction cups so it stuck.

Here's Justin and Joe being silly:

Ok Ok so on to the Class.
In the Class we'll be making two
CD Ornaments and one CD Tin to match.

It's a super fun project
and make a wonderful gift.

I'll be doing a tutorial for
the winter one later this weekend.

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