Tuesday, December 15, 2009

House Photos...finally!

I promised them weeks ago, I know.

But today I finally got to take pictures of
the rooms that are nearly complete, which is
the main living area, living room, dinning room,
kitchen, main bathroon and my craftroom!

Ready for the tour?

There is a LARGE arch way into the living
room and a small window like arch just to the right.

I'm super proud of these frames!
I Hung them all up on my own with this nifty
tool Justin bought me for hanging photos :).

Livingroom:There are paintings for over the book cases, but that cabinet under the window will eventually be on the wall with large fat screen tv :). So until then I'm in no hurry to hang the paintings.
Livingroom: Now you can see the window archway. Dad built us a sofa a table and it fits perfectly there. The table and the ledge are very close in hieght. Dinning Room: I was so worried that my dinning room table wasn't going to fit, but it's perfect. Thanks DAD!
Kitchen: It's cute and it's functional and it's decorated in Chefs! I'm pretty sure I can't put any more up :).

A look into the kitchen and dinning room from the hallway. The Craft Room! I LOVE Blue and just had to have the room painted this color. It's bright and fun and soothing. All the fantastic furniture dad built for us fits in perfectly and helps make it cozy.
The drawers under the desk house items like paints, inks, extra adhesives, rubberstamps, alterable items and more.
The china hutch is my favorite. I get to make it look pretty and still funtional.
Here's a look into the drawers on the china hutch.

Lots of Ribbon!
In the cabinets I have albums & paper punches on one side and this side is for kits and paper packs.
A peek into the corner where my scrap bags are :).
So there you have it our home in a nutshell!

Eventually the three bedrooms will be ready to have pictures taken of them, but for now they need to stay hidden. I have plans to make the master bedroom and guest room beautiful. As for the third room well, it's the hubby's craft room so you may never see it :) lol. Come spring time I'll take picture of the front and back yard. They have much work to be done.

Thanks for taking the tour.

Happy Holidays!

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