Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just a quick Hello!

It's been a very busy two weeks.

Thanksgiving was fun! We had my BIL
Daniel with us. My parents, brother,
bil, Justin and I went out to thanksgiving
dinner and to see Planet 51! That was a
blast. Normal thanksgiving means good ol
home cooking, but none of had the time or
the mojo so eating out was perfect and to
be honest was way less expensive! And we
still got to stuff our selves with our
favorite thanksgiving dishes.

Joe left for boot on Monday.
I miss him already.

This is the last official week of school
for me so I had my math final this afternoon.
I passed, YAY! And of course I passed
Art and even more pleased to
find out I passed with an A!

I've been spending my time studying for math, and
preparing for this weekends Holiday Bazaar at the
Ethel Berger Center. I'll be taking my paper
crafts, beaded items as well as my dad's wood items.
I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures :).
Here's a little hint of what you'll find.

I just thought I would drop in say hello
remind you to take a look at this month's
challenge as well as to give you Juju Bee's news :).
Get ready because the DT Bees will be
hosting another online crop and Blog Buzz
on the weekend of the 18th.
Challenges, games and prizes oh my!

I hope you all get to join us, we'll be
celebrating the holidays as well as the
2 year anniversary of Juju Bee's.
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