Thursday, September 24, 2009

Juju Bee's Blog Buzz

Well hello there:)
Welcome to my blog!
If this is your first stop, you will want to
start here Juju Bee's Blog if not, let's get buzzin'!
Soon the house will be filled with the
sweet delicious smells of Thanksgiving.
What is a favorite Thanksgiving
holiday tradition of yours?
It can be something that you've always done or
something new that you are starting.
I'd love to hear all about it.
Just leave a comment for this post.
I will choose a lucky contestant to win this prize...

Big thank you my handsome hubby not only
gave me vinyl but also heat pressed it on the bag!

~ My favorite tradtion started the year The Grinch came out with Jim Carey. As a family we went to see the movie. The next year it came out on DVD and again on thanksgiving day after dinner we watched the movie together, it happens every year now. There's been a couple years though that've had to watch it by myself, but I never fails :). Thanksgiving can mean a huge dinner with family and friends, or it could mean a smaller dinner with just family. It's a day for thanks and a day for unity :).

After you have completed the task, buzz on over to my friend,
Janelle's blog for more fun and prizes!
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