Thursday, September 9, 2010


I admit I'm not really good at
cooking or baking and I normally
tend to avoid it :).

However the past few months I've
tried alittle harder to experiment.
I've been following Bakerella for
alittle more than 6 months.

A dear friend sent me her link and
since then I've been oohing and
aawing and saying,
"I don't think I can do that!"

As it turns out I can do that, however
I can't make them nearly as pretty!
Bakerella is an artist!
Here are her Cupcake Cake Pops:

And mine, the not so fantastic ones:

The ones I made have to HUGE
compared to Bakerella, opps.
I will admit they are very yummy!

Here's the rest of the batch, which
BTW are this crop night's treat!

Thanks for stopping by
and have a SWEET weekend!
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