Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ceviche & More!

My poor blog has been lonely.

I've been in a funk and have
been working hard on getting
myself back to normal happy me.
This week hasn't made it easy!
Let's just say my car won't start,
mom lent me hers and it ended up with
a flat, and our garge door spring snapped.
Lucky us my car is at the shop, the flat
has been fixed on mom's, our garge door
is fixed and they delieved a new stove Friday.

Friday we had a lazy day, finally!
We made Ceviche! Yummmy!
Mom & I Love the ceviche they serve
at our local mexican seafood place.
We used the new Tupperware Steamer
and Chop & Prep, which btw both are AWESOME!
The ceviche was very yummy!

We had a recipe but didn't use it much :)!

2lbs Shrimp Chopped
1/2 lb Fish Filet Chopped
4 Tomatoes Seeded & Chopped
1 Cup Cilantro Chopped
1 Cucumber Chopped
1/2 Onion Chopped
3 tbs Tomato Sauce
Salt to Taste
3 Limes
1 Lemons Juiced
1 Avacado Chopped (Used as a garnish)

Season Shrimp & Fish with 1 Lemon Juiced and 2 Limes Juiced. Sprinkle with Salt. We used the TW Steamer and Steamed 1 lb at a time for 8 minutes. Same for the Fish. Once shrimp is cooked peel & de-tail, then chop. Chop fish as well. All chopped ingedients except should be mixed. Add & mix 1 juiced Lime and Tomato Sauce. Serve Cold with tortilla Chips. YUMMMM...

Hope you all have wonderful Holiday Weekend!
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