Monday, September 6, 2010

Clothes Pin Tutorial

Yay, a new Tutorial!
It's been FOREVER!
True this one is Simple but I wanted to
make sure our girls for Crop had a how to!
Writing the instructions are hard
for me, so videos are much easier!

Don't forget if you make some please be
sure to share your link to your photos!
You will be entered into this month's
Craftastic Challenge #17 for Outta the Box!
Leave a comment with your
link on the Challenge Post :)!

In this tutorial I'll be going through
the steps for paper covering your clothes
pins and completing you gift set.
Kit's are available for local gals at crop.

Where you can purchase some of these items:
~Clothes Pins - Local Walmart, Target, Kmart in the laundry section
~Shipping Tags - Staples or local office supply store
~3/8" Tape - (more sizes available)
~Patter Paper - Local Craft Store (Taken from a 6x6 pad, for scaled down pattern)

Here's a link to the orginal post.
Clothes Pins!

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