Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh to be a dog...

Our fur babies are great,
fun, lovable, and sweet.
I just wish they could pick up
their toys or at least the fluff
they remove from the stuffed toys
or the "Snow" as we call it.
(The only Snow we see here in AZ, lol.)
But no life is tough being a DOG.
Sleep, Eat, Play & Repeat!
Gosh, it's horrible.

J & I love our Monsters so much
though and I don't know what
we'd do with out them!

Lily is all our Lazy & Stubborn one.
But she's a great momma Dog, she loves
children and is great with Zoey.
Lily likes to grumble, and talk
back so we have to watch out, lol!

Booster is AMAZING! He does everything
he's told, and hates to be scolded.
He has however caught on to the attitudes
of the girls. Not good.
But his huffing is minimal:0)!

Zoey is the Baby. She's the most
spoiled, and demands the most attention.
She rules over the big dogs and has NO fear.
But we have to say she's one smart puppy!

Thanks for stopping by &
sharing a Dog day with us!
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