Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Monster Smash! Day 4

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go....
Today Smash about your Favorite job(s) you've had.
In my case I've had a few jobs but this one stands out the most.
Museum Gift Shop Manager
HAHA you're thinking what a dork!
Yes I know I am, lol!
But seriously this job was alot of fun.
In 2005 Justin and I moved from Sunny,
hot, dry Arizona to Rainy, foggy Virginia.
We got there the end of Feb, it was cold
and raining and the Fog was so thick.
It didn't help that it made the
historic post look even creepier.
In the fall I found out that the Casemate
Museum on post was hiring and applied.
I got hired and starting working in this
amazing and interesting place.
We lived only minutes away outside the the moat.
My co-workers would tease me that I shouldn't drive
to work it was greener and healthier to walk, but it all
changed one day when I did in fact walk
and was eaten up by mosquitoes!
They didn't tease so much after that.
Not only were my co-workers a fun group,
but in those two years I had encounters with
crazy ghosts and even more interesting living people.
I learned so much during my time there not only
about job stuff, but about the history
of the fort and the surrounding areas.

What was your favorite job?
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