Friday, October 19, 2012

Bully Issues!

To the nasty lady at the clothing store, yesterday. I think you're a bully!

There's was no reed to come into the store with such an attitude, just because you didn't get the assistant manager position a couple months ago.  And then once you find out the girl working is the one who got the job you verbally attacked her about her clothes, her sense of style as well as her age. (Nasty lady 55+, Sales Associate 20+).  Then you go on to ask to speak to another manager about hiring.  You continually act like witch, bossing the sales associate around, get me this, get me that, blah blah, blah. 

 And with 4 other people in the store trying on clothes the Associate can keep her cool, act like you are such a sweet lady, and still help everyone with expert grace and timing.  You continually interrupt the sales associate while she was other customers causing even more tension for all in the store, and then take your attacks on other customers.  While trying on clothing you tell me I'm so short. You're lucky I didn't say anything when you mention you were a model in your 20s because, you are no longer pretty inside or out.

Once another Manager gets there you take your attitude with her demanding to know why you were not hired, mention interview attire and maybe you should have been dressed more casual like the Sales Associate.  Once the Manager tells you “Yes, that’s good, FIRST impressions mean everything.”  You should have taken you’re cue from there.  

I hope you aren’t hired, I highly doubt you could work as well as that associate did to keep peace.  I doubt you’d be able to hand so many commands from customers.   I hope those Ladies working saw what I saw, you don’t mix well with the store and don’t belong there.   That to me was a lousy first impression. 

 I LOVE going into that store and I love that when I need help I’m treated like a princess, with the clothes I want to try on displayed beautifully in the dressing room, because the Sales Associate cared enough to do her job well.  And once I find what I want in clothing they are more than willing to help me accessorize.  With ladies like that working there is no other way than to treat them kindly.  I bet know if i saw you working I'd turn around and shop else where. 

I’m sorry I see people young act like this and it irks me but when I see an older person act like this It really annoys the hell outta me. And you wonder why younger people do this?  Seriously?  I tend to treat those around me the same way they treat me.   Age no longer matters to me, unless you’re over 75+ and crazy like Betty White, seriously once you have that much life behind you deserve to do what ever you want, but until then have respect for everyone. 

 By the way, during my shopping experience, I managed to get a beautiful outfit (The sales Associate’s idea!), beautiful shoes and even accessories, all thanks to that sweet Sales Associate.  I would like to mention though with less interruptions from the witch, I think my hour and half time there I could have been done way sooner, if she had just let the Sales Associate take more than 2 minutes with me at a time. 

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