Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Monster SMASH! Day 8

October 8: Then & now. 5, 10, 15 years.
How would you compare who you
are now with who you were then.
I chose to do 9 years ago.
Many thing are complete different from my
"plans" at the time, and I am different as well.  
Then: December 2003
20 years old
~ Justin and I had just met in July.  By Christmas we were engadged.  We wanted to be together forever.   Awww young love!
~ I was more trusting of others and my out look on life was more positive.
~ I was crafty in a different sort of way back then.  The only scrapbook I had was one I made of graduation.  I did love to crochet though.
~ Justin was ready to go Career in the Army.
~ I was working full time and going to community college.
Now: August (Photo Anyway!) 2012
28 years old
~ Justin and I have been together since and love each other very much and now have two beautiful little girls. Life is Good!
~ Over the years I've meet some very vindictive people who have caused me to reacess my trust in others.
~ Now I do lots of crafts and could easily be considered ADHD in crafting.   I still crochet, bead, scrapbook & much more.
~ Justin is now out of the military and our life took a different turn, but it's all good!
~ Now I'm a SAHM and learning more and more each day from two little girls. 
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