Monday, October 12, 2009

Yawn! So exhausted!I

It's been a long and fabulous two weeks.
From Oct 1st-5th Mom and I were in Glendale for
the CKC event and to visit with my in-laws.

I got to be home Oct 6-7th and half of the 8th.
Those days were spent un-packing re-packing and school.

On the 8th we headed back up to Phoenix.
Spent more time with the in-laws and
went to a cousin's beautiful backyard wedding.

And we got to meet our newest little
nephew Trevor for the first time.

And Justin took me to Ikea for the first time.
I now have a list of a million
things I would like one day :).

Oh and I even got to spend some girl time
with my MIL and SIL getting our nails done.
My nails look awesome but I am
so not girlie enough for them.
Even typing has become a chore.
But it was fun and something we all got to do together.

There's pictures but I still have
to load them to the computer :).
So yes (yawn) I'm exhausted.

But it doesn't slow down from here.
We're getting things ready for the house, to move and
I have classes I'll be helping with at the LSS soon.
Plus School, is getting crazier.

But you can still count on seeing creations :).
I hope you all have had a lovely fall so far!

Please remember that this month's challenge is
coming to end on the 15th so get your entries in!
I can't wait to see them!
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