Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lolli Pop Flower Tutorial

Okay now for those uber cool and super easy lolli pop flowers :).

Tools need to make paper Flowers:
• Scissors or Cricut (I used the Plantin School Book Cartridge)
• White Paint
• Paint Brush
• Brads
• Spray Bottle or Glitter Water Spray
• Hole Punch (I used my Big Bite Crop-a-dile, the smaller hole)
• Your choice of Card Stock or heavy weight pattern paper
• Distresser is Optional (I don’t use it)

Lollipop Flowers (Much like the new Primas!)

Step One:
Pick your card stock. You can pick 1 paper or a few.

Step Two:
Cut out your circles
If you hand cut them you don’t have to follow
sizes just make them one bigger than the last.
1st Layer – 1/2 inch Circle
2nd Layer – 1 inch circle
3rd Layer – 1 ½ inch circle
4th Layer – 2 inch circle
5th Layer – 2 ½ inch circle

*You only need one of each size to make a flower
but I did 2 of each size to make a second flower.

Step Three:
Paint the edges of the Circles (You can distress the edges first if you’d like.)
You can either let them dry or get a little messy!

Step Four:
Punch a hole in the center of the circles.

Step Five:
Pick your brad, I chose silver just because.

Step Six:
Stack the flowers from smallest on top to largest on bottom.
Put Brad through holes and secure.
Because I choose to do three sheets of circles
I was able to do 1 of each color in a solid flower
and 3 that were all mixed up.

Step Seven:
Lay out your flowers over paper towels
and pray with water to moisten.

Step Eight:
Start to mold your flowers with lefts
and cripples to add texture. You might have
to moisten them more to mold on the lower layers.
Flatten out for better use on
Layouts and card or leave as a Bulb.

Step Nine:
Let dry overnight before using is best.
Or use a Heat gun.

* We can all thank yet another Tally Sister for
her wonderful inspiration!
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