Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guided Tour

Hi Ladies! As you can see my blog has gotten a new look. The Birds and pink weren't really me however they were cute. But Butterflies, Blue & Yellow, well, that's more me. :)I took a crash course in HTML and Photoshop but I thinks it came out pretty cute.

Now it's time for a guided tour.

Left Column:
~ About Me
~ Contact Me
~ Blog Archive
~ My Peeps
~ 2009 Work

Center Column:
~ Current Challenge Information
~ Regular Blog Posts
~ My Playlist

Right Column:
~ Current Challenge Links
~ Tutorials
~ Tips & More
~ Favorite Links
~ Past Challenges

Everything is pretty much the same except for the LO. As always if you have questions or suggestions let me know. Thank you for stopping by.
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