Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travel Game Box

This poor metal box has followed me around for nearly 3 years now holding postcards to adhesives and most recently small items for whimsy jars. But with the latest blog challenge for altering an item I knew it was time this box got a permanent job. So it's now a box for our many small games we like to take along on trips. From card games like uno to wooden puzzle games.

This box began as a hostess gift from creative memories and had items that have long been used or put a way else where.

I've known for a while I wanted to alter the box but wasn't sure exactly how. Then I saw someone make decorated magnets on a metal board into a cute tic tac toe game. Justin and I pretty bored at times when we travel and have to stick around in one place or another for a few hours. So with this tin I knew I could make into an awesome little game box.

I added rub-on borders on the top and sides of the box. I cut a pieces of black card stock to fit the center of the lid and decorated it adding S.E.I. Papers, real playing cards, and Thickers for the title.

This is the inside of the lid and bottom of the box. I added more S.E.I. papers just to make it fun.

Now for the bottom. Just flip the box up-side down and it's ready for a game of tic tac toe. I stamped, colored and used a 1" circle punch to make toppers for my bottle caps. I then modge podged them and added magnets to the bottom of the caps using the ranger clear glaze. There are 5 of each to design to play tic tac toe. I used the Home Accents Cart from Cricut to cut out that cute frame to make my playing borders. To store the magnets for now they are placed on the inside of the lid.

Now the real task begins. I get to fill it up with all our favorite games.
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