Thursday, June 25, 2009

A-Z Challenge @ Vintage Flaire

I love Vintage Flaire the ladies are fabulous and so crafty. Bree is the host of the group and she's very talented. She's currently hosting an A-Z Challenge. This was the first month. Each week she gives out a letter and one item you must use on your 6x6 Layout. You must post each 6x6 by the end of the month and if you complete all four and mount them all nifty and post the picture you're entered into a RAK drawing.

I LOVE the pin-up paintings by Elvgren and just knew looking at the letters for this month I would probably find a picture to represent each letter. I waited until the very end to start but once I got started it went super fast and because I love things to be matchy matchy I was able to make me even happier. But before I show you the end result I'd like to go through each week with you.

Week #1- This week's letter was "Y" and the special item to use was a butterfly. As soon as I saw this pin-up and how she hammered her finger I thought "Yikes" prefect!! I used a butterfly paper punch and added little swirls with a black glaze pen for more interest.

Week #2- This weeks letter was "P" and the special item to use was a postage stamp. I has a hard time picking one for the "P" , a woman painting, a pirate, but then I found this beautiful red head having a Picnic. How cute is she? I used a postage stamp from my beautiful whimsy jar that Stacy sent me.

Week #3- This weeks letter was "J" and the special item to use was pearls. Seeing this woman and her luggage triggered the word "Journey" for me. Not only is she traveling but she seems on a personal journey wiping tears from her eyes. She's also the fanciest of them all so I thought the Black lace and large black button suited her.

Week #4 - This week's letter was "F" and the special item ti use was paper punches. Now how sexy is this Blondie "Fix"ing a car? I mimicked the paper punched butterflies from week #1's lo. I've had these little gears for a while but just couldn't seem to find a use. This was perfect.

Yay! You made it to the end! Bree asks that at the end you mount all 4 LOs together to hang up and show off your creations! I cut a 10x10 piece of black card stock a an 8x8 pattern paper and mounted the pp to the card stock. From there I mounted the 6x6 LOs with a 1/2 inch gap to see the pp. I thought them going off the mat gave it a more interesting look. From there I added the hanger which I bought a craft store and added a charm with a bow. I wanted the bottom to have alittle flair so I added the earring charms and beads.

For my project I used a Humbly, Jenni Bowlin, & 7 gypsies.

I am so excited!! My "spicy little number" has been featured on Vintage Vignette . Cindy is also one very talented Lady so please stop by her blog and show her some love.

My "spicy little number" has gotten some very neat reactions. My favorites however have been from my brother Joe and my husband Justin. Joe wants a wall hanging of his own with the Pin-Ups of course :). And my husband did his normal, "that's pretty" thing when I showed it to him. Later though I asked him how he liked having Pin-Ups up on the wall of our craft room. He finally took a better look at my project and he ended up blushing and telling me I'm naughty. LOL! I love keeping him on his toes! Silly guy.
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