Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Day of School

1st day of school after 7 years was weird!
But, for the most part today went well.

I'm taking intro to Art which for me is awesome, however I'm not sure about the instructor. Cussing, repeating himself alot, and releasing us from class 2 hours early is just weird. Class started at 10:45 and according to the class schedule I received should end at 1:35. The instructor's hand out today said we get out at 1:20 and then the instructor stated we should be outta class by 1:00. Weird! I guess it's fine, but my second class of the day begins at 1:45. Not enough time to wonder home for a quick lunch.

My second class is math. I hate math. I don't have the attention span, but I think I'll be okay! The instructor is nice and knows how to explain things for someone like me. And will be around after class for extra help! YAY! I noticed we have a class clown already though. We were given homework already. I did the first half and am taking a break now so I do the second part. So far so good.

Back to class on Thursday! Oh geeze!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something crafty for you see.
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