Friday, August 28, 2009

Four Legged Babies & Toxins

Yesterday little Spike got a hold of mom's macadamia nuts.
Now she thought they were safe on her desk,
but the little guy got on her chair and stole the bag.
He must have eaten about 5 of the nuts.
This morning he was unable to walk and
didn't want to move his back legs.
Macadamia nuts are toxic and can cause depression,
muscle tremors, fever and weakness.
It may also cause Kidney Failure.
Symptoms can last 48 hours.

To be on the safe side however Mom has taken Spike
to the Vet and all the results came back good.
He's walking around normally, but he won't be
completely back to normal for a couple days.
Spike is strong little guy and will be back on track soon.
But not all fur babies can pull through,
so please research make sure all your family members
know what the pets can and can not have.
And make sure vet information is posted
on fridge or a general common area.

You can go to this link for more foods
that are toxic for you four legged baby.
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