Monday, April 13, 2009

The Baby Question...

Our families are always asking:
"When are you two gonna have a baby?"

Some our replies:

"Are you voluntering to babysit every other weekend?"
"You're gonna buy us a house right?"
"Have you met Justin?" ADD is all I can say.
"Well if you keep the baby 'till it's potty trained, I might think about it."

We've been married 5 years are are barely getting used to each other. Our main focus right now is to buy a home. We all know how difficult that is with the economy right now. I'd still really like to go on a honeymoon first. It's only been 5 years.

Believe me I've been baby crazy a few times already. But I can't see it as being a smart move right now. Zoey is the lastest cure for being baby crazy. She's sweet and babylike , but Crazy!! She has so much energy I can just imagine if we had a baby like her, wow!! So for right now I'm good. When we get to that point of having a "real" baby (as mom says) I'll make sure everyone and their mamma knows. But for now 3 four legged monsters are our babies. We're happy and that's all that matters.

So next time you want to ask this question of a couple put yourself in thier shoes and think about the reasons they may not have started thier family yet.
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