Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strung Out!

Strung Out was part of the business name I was going to go under for my bead work. I started seriously beading in September 2007 upon returning home to AZ. I even did a craft show in October that year. I sold a set or two but mainly just bracelets and earrings.

Mom was running her own business at the time with a big red trailer parked in front of the Post PX and December she owned a Kiosk inside the PX. That's when all my jewelry went on display. My first customer there was my favorite and dearest friend by the time we left the PX in December 2008.

I sold alot of jewelry but was noticing the trends of smaller priced items went faster and more often. I branched out to accessories like cell phone charms and bookmarks. MY biggest let downs were the rosaries and the lanyard that for months people bugged me to make. I did alot of custom work and re-stringing, which I did have to start charging for.

I love beading but it's so expensive. At the time I had more room for storage for beads than scrapbooking, so it dominated my time and money. Its at the point of do I want to spend more $ on beading or scrappin'? Scrappin' is definitely winning, and I've only acquired minimal beading items in the past months.

Today I'll share with you some of the items that were once for sale in the store or I still might have in stock. Most will be sold at future craft shows and some here as RAKs.


Spring Bracelets

Key Chains

I'd like to give credit to my Mom who first showed me how to make flower bracelets and got me into beading long ago and also to my Mother-In-Law Lori who showed me how to make the spring bracelets. Thank you ladies!
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