Sunday, April 19, 2009

Challenge Week 10

I was supposed to particapate in a scrap-a-thon all week on a myspace group. That ment whipping out as many LOs as possible. I got a total of 7 done. Which include 2 I've already posted this week the Baby in Combat Boots LO and the Sketch Challenge LO. I'm kinda sad I didn't get more done. The good thing is I completed the last 4 layouts I had packed for a crop over a month ago. And I've completed my Team Schrute Challenge week 10!! Yay, me!

So first because I'm quite proud of it is the Challenge Week 10 LO!
We were told to pic a challenge that the other group had already completed in weeks prior. I choose Team Jim's Week 8 Challenge.

* Photo(s) should be in the lower right corner
Me & Joe
* Sticker Alpha Title covered in Paint
You & Me
* Newspaper covered chipboard as embelishment
Q and Pinwheel Covered in Newspaper Comics
* Include Numbers
10 Reasons Why I love my Brother

Here's the other four which are none other than doggie ones!

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