Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cyber Crop Weekend @ Tally

This cyber crop is kicking my butt with all the challenges. I did two last night the team Schrute Week 8 is finally done!! Whoppie!.

Here's the rules!

The office is where we spend a good amount of our time....let's see what your office looks like.

1 - Background must have some kind of pattern on it, whether painted, stamped or printed, but it's got to be a full patterned piece....
2 - Make it monochromatic, that's right, use one color for the entire scheme of your can use multiple shades of that color...(your background patterned paper can have more than the chromatic color)
3 - You must use at least one piece of calendar dated paper....a piece of a daytimer...a sheet from your desk calendar...doesn't matter what date, just some piece of dated calendar paper...
4 - Include a "to do" list....we've all got them!
5 - Use this title or parts of it....A day at the office...

Just alittle about my day yesterday.
1. Install new printer (not new just new to me)
2. Buy bed for Zoey (she's taken over a small corner in my craft area)
3. Organize new treasures (had a day shopping with mom)
4. Create a LO for Doodle Challenge
5. Take a Cheeto Break
6. Play catch with the Monsters
7. Say "naughty" things, get a SMILE! (DH always has this weird smile for pictures and the only way to get his real one is to say something funny or something naughty!)

Okay then I did a the Dee Doodle Dum challenge, Brandy Scraps is hosting.

1) You must use card stock for the back ground.

2) I want you to think about something that you have done this past week and scrap about that, no matter how mundane. For example, if you cleaned the toilet on Monday...tell us about it and how it made you feel.

Once a month I buy fresh flowers for the house. on the first I brought thes home and goodness they are beautiful. I love having a vase in the house with fresh flowers because it brings nature in and it there is color that's not normally there. We live in the and keeping flowers in the garden is a large task and I'm not willing to do that with my allergies. So this is my compromise.

I cut a large flower and doodled over the whole thing and doodled stiching on all the papers and the corners of the backgroung card stock.

That's it for now! But expect more later. Oh and I added a 6x6 Fiskars cutting mat to the Rak Box! If you don't read this post, sooo sad cuz this is the only area I'll give you that tidbit! And we had a fifth entry into the challenge so Ribbon has also been added to the box. WTG ladies your work is fantastic so far!
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