Sunday, April 19, 2009

A new hair cut...

No not me, Zoey. Justin and I have been talking about getting Zoey's fur cut for about a month. It's hard to keep up with and has started to mat in some place. I try hard to get those mats out but I hate hurting her when I have pull at them. I told Justin I would be making an appointment for his this next week. Turns out that wasn't soon enough for him. He and Zoey went missing for an hour the other night. I thought they were in the living room watch tv with dad. No, Justin and Zoey were in the Bathroom. Justin Shaved my monster. She's no longer the fuzz ball I used to know. She's skinny and had these LONG legs.

What I'm most upset over is I wanted a before picture. We'd gone to the park earlier in the day and I forgot my camera! Her fur had gotten so long she looked adorable running in the wind with her fur pulled back. Super freakin' cute, but no pictures. Anywho, since this little ball of mess never stops boucing I found two pictures that will work for now.



She's still cute of course, and she still needs to be properly groomed, but for now she looks more comfortable and there are no mats! And it's still Zoey the crazy monster.
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