Friday, April 17, 2009

In Bisbee in search of treasure...

Justin and I took a trip to Bisbee yesterday in search small treasures to add to a whimsey jar I'm working on for a swap on Tally. I always love going to Bisbee you find the weirdest of weird things. Justin and I took a path less traveled to the local city park. That was interesting. It's on top of a building. Of course most houses are built into and on hills so I guess that's normal. Any who, it was cute! While on our way up there we spotted a sculpture that was like that alien from 5th Element. Freakin' scary. So scary a picture was not happening!

Then visited the Bisbee musuem. It's been years since I toured that museum and was quite pleased with all the updates. Okay more than pleased it was awesome and pretty interactive! Oh and kid friendly! Not so much Justin friendly. It's better they not put signs up saying do not touch because dorko wants to touch of course! Sorry no pics, they were not allowed. I should have taken a pic of the outside, but lazy is all I can say. Any whoo here's the pictures we did take:

And here's the treasures I found!!

I think the most exciting treasure I found was the paper coins! They were handed out during the World's Fair in New York in 1954-1955. Exciting to have a tiny piece of history in your hands! Some of this will be used in the whimsey jar and some will be used in future RAKs and Swaps. I've got one more update for today but I'll make a whole new post for that.

**Vicky asked what the kokopelli were made of. the blue and purple ones are actually soaps. the metal one is copper.
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