Thursday, April 9, 2009

Team Schrute Challenge Week 9

I was 20 years old and only a month and a half out from getting married. Life was weird, ok weirder.

*Stamp-Check (Title on ID & date stamp on envelope
* Raffle Ticket - Check
* Note to self -Check in Envelope
* Envelope- Check

I have about a dozen drink carriers and I've been using the one below for a while to hold my modge podge, paint cans and brushes. I finally got around to decorating it!

On Monday the van mom and dad let joseph drive was crashed into. The drivers side window was shattered, and the door is off allignment. Thankfully the van was parked and Joe was at work inside the building. On Tueday we found out that my great uncle my grandfather's brother on my mom's side passed away on Sunday. He was a woman chaser and a silly man. In 2003 he and my grandfather were diagnosed with cancer in 2002. My uncle with colon cancer and my grandfather with liver cancer. Grandpa passed away in May 2003. My uncle put up a good fight. Yesterday Mom was admitted into the hospital. She's been in pain and having chills since saturday. The DR. stated all test were coming up negative so they sent mom home today. Please send us good thoughts and prayers. Things come in 3s and some times more like in this case.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
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